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The Georgia Medical Eye Political Action Committee (PAC), on behalf of the Georgia Society of Ophthalmology, represents the political interests of Georgia ophthalmologists and their patients.  Contributed funds are used to show bipartisan support of our friends in the Georgia legislature who champion the causes and concerns important to ophthalmology and medicine in our state.


Our mission is to maintain and strengthen political support for legislative issues facing ophthalmologists and their patients in Georgia.  We do this by gaining support from the ophthalmology community and supporting elected officials who champion our causes.  The Georgia Medical Eye PAC helps these officials get elected and re-elected, so they can continue to help our patients and our profession, as the force of opposition grows stronger.


From CON reform to high deductible health savings accounts, from prompt pay legislation to scope of practice expansions, healthcare issues are always a hot topic under the gold dome!


Without the support of informed officials, the integrity of medicine and patients safety in Georgia will be in jeopardy.  We must ensure that our supporters have the resources to remain in office.  We need to elect legislators who care. 

The Georgia Medical Eye PAC must remain engaged in policy debate in the political arena.  As we face well-organized, well-funded and determined adversaries who expend resources on capturing political clout, we must be equally well prepared.  Our friends in the legislature will help us stand strong in support of what is in the best interest of our patients and our practices.


You can help preserve the autonomy of medical practice, patient safety, and the physician's control of medical decisions.  Show legislators that you care about maintaining the quality and integrity of eye care in Georgia.  Our elected officials need to hear from you about how medicine should be practiced now and in the future!

Your contribution supports candidates for office that share our philosophy and vision for the future of medicine and healthcare in Georgia.

Thank you to our 2023 GA Medical Eye PAC Donors!

Chairman's Circle
  • J. Chandler Berg, MD
  • Michael Jacobs, MD
  • Sid Moore, MD
  • Purnima Patel, MD
  • Leiv Takle, Jr. MD


  • Ninita Brown, MD, PhD
  • S. William Clark III, MD
  • Bret Crumpton, DO
  • Scotty Gadlin, MD
  • S. Anna Kao, MD
  • D. Brian Kim, MD


  • David Bogorad, MD
  • Joseph Christenbury, MD
  • Byron Cook, MD
  • Anthony DeMarco, MD
  • G. Baker Hubbard III, MD
  • Jeremy Jones, MD
  • W. Barry Lee, MD
  • Walter Sams, MD
  • Dana Wallace, MD
  • Andrew Wilson, MD


  • Zach Balest, MD
  • Lawrence Brack, MD
  • Andrew Coggin, MD
  • Amy Estes, MD
  • Nadeem Fatteh, MD
  • Clifton Fay, MD
  • Susanne Hewitt, MD
  • Stephen McConnell, MD
  • Hannah Park, MD
  • Jill Wells, MD


  • Nikhil Anand, MD
  • Nadeem Fatteh, MD
  • Jacquelyn O'Banion, MD
  • Chanh Tu, MD
  • Heather Weissman, MD
  • Margaret Wong, MD